Saturday, October 19, 2013

God's Promise to Heal Me -- Part 2

Not quite share how to segue into this, but…

Last week I shared about praying for healing. While that is one reason that we pray for my personal physical healing (because He has not said no), there is actually another reason as well. And that is...

Twelve and a half years ago, God spoke to me about my physical healing. Here is a short excerpt from when I spoke at one of my college's chapel services about 10 years ago that tells this part of my story. Warning: my name in this video is Leslie Oliver. As I briefly mentioned before and will detail later on, God changed my name (but it was about a year after this speech).

I edited the speech, so this first video is just the one-minute part of me talking about the promise. However, Ricky insisted that I, at least, give you the option of watching my whole eight-minute speech about my disease and hope. This is the second video. [It is from 10 years ago. While I feel I have changed a lot since then, and I want to change many things I say or how I say them... oh well. This is me a decade ago ;)]

Now, I want to add why I have not talked about this a whole lot since I have gotten married six plus years ago. It was during our engagement that I learned about how this present earth will likely be burned and then renewed to become the new earth. When God told me that He was going to heal me on "this earth", I got to thinking that I wasn't sure about whether He meant this present earth or the new earth, since both are "this earth". While confident in His promise to heal me, the timing became all the more unknown. Hence, I shared this word less, which I regret. At least Ricky shared this word plenty when I was silent.

Here's Part 1 and Part 3.