Tuesday, August 31, 2010


  • We went out-of-town for the weekend to participate in a softball tournament. We didn't have a chance.
Cousin Kylie

Aolani's first time in a stroller (Kylie's)
  • While we were away for two nights, we decided to use disposables. BIG mistake. Those little diapers cannot begin to handle her poopy explosions. She managed to destroy two outfits, toys, cloths, and elusively spread her extractions from head to toe. I was so thankful to return home to the bumgenius!

  • Her bottom right tooth broke through her gums yesterday!

  • We obtained Kylie's Johnny Jump Up yesterday:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy "Beeing" Me

So says Aolani's Sunday dress ;)

Daddy is "knee-slapping" funny!

Funny, how it is used to be near impossible trying to catch her smile on camera and now it's hard not to!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


  • Aolani passed her 6-month exam with "flying colors." I had to fill out this 4-page test (who knew?), and I seriously felt nervous!

  • For 5.5 months, Aolani and I have had some nursing struggles. There were many "problems" that I didn't know were connected to each other. I won't go into detail, but after many months, tears, and confusion, I finally got it all figured out (thanks to La Leche League International). Simply put, I have oversupply issues - my "enthusiastic" body makes too much milk, which actually affects us a lot. Anyway, we identified the problem, and we've been working on a solution for a few weeks now. I am just so thankful!

  • I think I'll introduce solid food in the next week or so...

  • I started reading Philippians 1 to Aolani today. I can't believe I am 3/4 of the way through memorizing this book!

  • My last wheelchair parts came yesterday - lateral supports (they help my trunk balance, so I don't topple over to the side). It will take some getting used to, but they're a great addition!

  • I wanted to post some inspiring words that were quoted in Lecrae's Rebel Intro song: "But everyone is sinning, so it's no longer rebellious to sin! Jesus was a rebel who was counter-cultural... You're just a conformist if you're drunk and naked... getting pregnant out of wedlock. Everyone's done that! That's so tired. If you really want to be a rebel, read your Bible, because no one's doing that. That's rebellion. That's the only rebellion left!"

  • I know you're probably tired of my homemade lullabies, but here's my latest:

Help Her Sleep (to the rhythm of Brahm's Lullaby)

Help her sleep, help her sleep
Help her sleep, gentle Savior
Help her sleep, LORD, help her sleep
Give her little baby dreams
For You are our God, LORD of all created things

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

"What's that noise?"

Used to be the question. Not anymore.

When we hear the crib creaking, we just smirk.

Enjoy these... we sure do!

Seriously, Aolani is so taken with this newfound trick that she does it constantly - on my lap, in people's arms, laying down. She skips her naps just to practice! She is on the move...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Under Construction

This blog might look a little messy for a few days while I make some changes ;)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1/2 a Year = 1 Big Baby

Her "Mother Teresa" look
The cutest nun that I ever did see

I don't think this bumper pad does the trick

Getting hyped up before a softball game a couple weeks ago

Talkin' smack to the other team ;)

Alert, active, busy, but content.

Confession time. So, I started making "fart" noises with my mouth to her this past month. I thought it'd be cute. She liked it. I had no idea that babies this young would start mimicking behavior. Now, she won't stop. Oops!

Aolani prefers to be on her belly now. She rolls everywhere, pushes herself backwards, and thrusts her hips preparing to crawl. The mobility begins.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bite-Size Pieces

... of my musings :)
  • Lead by following. Follow Him, and you will lead others to Him. Think of a Mambo line with Jesus leading and you're holding on to Him next in line. Lead by following.
  • During our trip to Seattle, an engaged woman asked me for a quick nugget of marital advice. Typically, I would have froze, stumbled over my words, and possibly have offered something unintelligible and dull in my moment of stage fright. Much to my surprise, I measured up and gave a quick, clear retort. And it was GOOD. Let me share it with you: "In marriage, it is not right versus wrong. It is different. My thoughts and my ways are not right and his wrong. They are different." I must add that this little insight has increased our respect for one another and the overall peace in our relationship. I do not have this down pat. It is not easy for me. And, I'll humbly and freely admit that I rarely succeed at implementation. But, I try. Do I get an 'A' for effort? ;)
  • Ricky and I were on a date playing chess (yes, again). Ricky mentioned how the Queen is the most powerful piece in chess with that twinkle in his eye telling me that he's referring to more than chess. And I remark that while the Queen is more powerful than the King, the only reason that she is given that power is to use her strength to protect the King. Let me encourage wives to not use your strengths over your husand but for him. We must battle for him in order to build him up. You and he are on the same side!

I hope that these bite-size pieces encourage you!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Good Stuff

I've come across a few GREAT reads this week:


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aolani's Airplane Adventures

Seattle trip:

  • The city? Cold and rainy. Did not even get a glimpse of the sun until I returned to the hot and sunny South.

  • The flights? All on schedule. Uneventful. Aolani was wonderful. Smiled at all the passengers. Slept through the take offs and landings. She was a traveling champion.

  • The visit? Ricky's maternal grandparents flew us out there for their 60th wedding anniversary celebration! It was great to introduce Aolani to Ricky's family (Ricky is from Seattle.) She smiled, laughed, and flirted with everyone :) Aolani never really adjusted to the time change. Aolani's agenda since returning home: sleep, eat, and that's it ;)

  • The envoy:

Uncle Robby flew with us as our pack mule. He got many comments on his large, pink "neck pillow."

  • Book Love

  • Daddy Love

  • Uncle Love

      • Just too cute:

      Aolani with Nonna (Ricky's mom)

      Buh Bye, Seattle (Aolani is chillin' in her Ergocarrier, which we highly recommend!)

      Friday, August 6, 2010

      Sleepy Songs

      One of the perks of having a baby that cannot talk yet...

      You get to invent your own lullabies! You want to help your baby wind down and lull her to sleep, you have sung all the soft songs you know, creativity strikes and voila!

      Here are my current two concoctions:

      Aolani (to the rhythm of Are You Sleeping?)
      Aolani, Aolani
      Dry your tears, Ease your fears
      Don't you worry
      Mommy knows you're hungry
      i am here, I AM here

      Precious Baby (I don't know the rhythm, maybe I made one up?)
      You're my little angel
      Mommy's precious baby
      If you only knew
      How much He loves you

      You're my little angel
      Mommy's precious baby
      He died for all not few
      But now He lives, it's true

      You're my little angel
      Mommy's precious baby
      Your heart He will woo
      But you don't have a clue

      Sleeping buddy
      Yep. Evidence. She discovered her thumb a week ago.

      Wednesday, August 4, 2010

      Stop, Drop, and Roll

      Commit your works to the LORD,
      and your thoughts will be established.
      Proverbs 16:3

      "Commit" = "Galal" (gah-lahl) in Hebrew = meaning to roll, roll down, roll away, remove

      In Genesis 29:3, "galal" refers to rolling the stone from the well's mouth.

      In Joshua 5:9, the reproach of Egypt is rolled off from Israel.

      In this text, the reader is encouraged to roll her works into God's care (see also Psalm 37:5).

      The picture is of a camel, burdened with a heavy load; when the load is to be removed, the camel kneels down, tilts far to one side, and the load rolls off.

      He is strong. He can carry your load. Stop. Drop. And let it roll, my friend. Let it roll.

      p.s. This word was adapted from a note in Ricky's Bible.

      Monday, August 2, 2010


      • Meet Melchizedek. "Mel" for short, if you wish. Read more about the name by clicking here. After eight months of waiting, the moment arrived. And so did Mel. While he looks very similar to Mishael, there are several changes. Most aren't noticeable, so I won't bore you with those. The main two are the rotating arms and front-locking brakes (wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles)! He is "missing" one other thing I wanted that is now on order. I feel bigger, taller ;), and larger; so, I am relearning how to navigate, bumping into every doorway, and nursing pinched fingers. I may look like a bumbler, but I am much happier with Mel.

      Melchizedek will carry me to remind me that the real Melchizedek is my true Support, carrying me through each now.

      • Accurate measurements for Aolani: 26.5" and 15.5 lbs :)
      • I still think Aolani is sensitive to dairy, and I think I may have developed an egg allergy since I gave birth! Weird, I know, but weirder things have happened ;)
      • Although Ricky had a rough week last week, he is much better now. We are all splendid and preparing for a short trip to Seattle this weekend. Aolani has never slept away from home nor traveled far. She does not have prior experience with airports, flights, or time changes. Up, up, and away we'll go!
      • If you like Christian rap, then you will really enjoy this song by Lecrae.