Monday, January 23, 2017

The Names of Jesus

I don't remember where this is from, but I'm sure it's on the Internet. I just really felt like I should read through this again to inspire remembrance, praise, and adoration :) A banner for the peoples 
A Nazarene  
Alpha and Omega 
Ancient of Days 
Anointed One 
Apostle and high priest 
Author and perfecter of our faith 
Author of life 
Author of their salvation 
Blessed and only Ruler 
Branch of the Lord 
Bread of God 
Bread of life 
Chief cornerstone 
Chief Shepherd 
Chosen and precious cornerstone 
Christ Jesus my Lord 
Christ Jesus our hope 
Christ of God 
Consolation of Israel 
Covenant for the people 
Crown of splendor 
Eternal life 
Faithful and True 
Faithful and true witness 
First to rise from the dead 
Firstborn from among the dead 
Firstborn over all creation 
Firstfruits of those that have fallen asleep 
Fragrant offering and sacrifice to God 
Friend of tax collectors and "sinners" 
God of all the earth 
God over all 
God's Son 
Great high priest 
Great light
Great Shepherd of the sheep 
Guarantee of a better covenant 
He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world 
He who searches hearts and minds 
Head of every man 
Head of the body, the church 
Head of the church 
Head over every power and authority 
Heir of all things 
Him who died and came to life again 
Him who loves us and has freed us from our sins 
His one and only son 
Holy and Righteous One 
Holy One of God 
Holy servant Jesus 
Hope of Israel 
Horn of salvation 
Image of the invisible God 
Immanuel (God with us) 
Indescribable gift 
Jesus Christ 
Jesus Christ our Lord 
Jesus Christ our Savior 
Jesus of Nazareth 
Judge of the living and the dead 
King of the ages 
Lamb of God 
Light for revelation to the Gentiles 
Light of life 
Light of men 
Light of the world 
Living bread that came down from heaven 
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 
Lord (Kurios) 
Lord of glory 
Lord of peace 
Lord of the harvest 
Lord of the Sabbath 
Lord (Rabboni) 
Man accredited by God 
Man of sorrows 
Mediator of a new covenant 
Merciful and faithful high priest
Messenger of the covenant 
Morning star 
My friend 
My intercessor 
One who makes men holy 
One who speaks to the Father in our defense 
One who will arise to rule over the nations 
Our glorious Lord Jesus Christ 
Our God and Savior Jesus Christ 
Our only Sovereign and Lord 
Our Passover lamb 
Our peace 
Our righteousness, holiness, and redemption 
Prince and Savior 
Prince of Peace 
Prince of princes 
Prince of the hosts 
Ransom for all men 
Refiner and purifier 
Resurrection and the life 
Righteous judge 
Righteous man 
Righteous One 
Rock eternal (rock of ages) 
Ruler of God's creation 
Ruler of the kings of the earth 
Savior of the world 
Second man 
Shepherd and Overseer of your souls 
Son of Man 
Son of the Blessed One 
Son of the living God 
Son of the Most High God 
Source of eternal salvation 
Sure foundation 
The Amen 
The atoning sacrifice for our sins 
The Beginning and the End 
The bright Morning Star 
The exact representation of his being 
The First and the Last 
The gate (door) 
The good shepherd 
The Head 
The last Adam 
The life 
The Living One 
The living Stone 
The Lord Our Righteousness 
The man from heaven 
The man Jesus Christ 
The most holy 
The One and Only 
The only God our Savior 
The radiance of God's glory 
The rising of the sun (Dayspring) 
The stone the builders rejected 
The testimony given in its proper time 
The true light 
The true vine 
The truth 
The way 
The Word (logos) 
True bread from heaven 
Wisdom from God 
Witness to the peoples
Wonderful Counselor 
Word of God 
Word of life 
Your life 
Your salvation

Friday, January 20, 2017

Finding God and Farm Festivities

  • The week before Christmas: We enjoyed our Advent activities, Ricky went to the movies with some friends, and we enjoyed our first holiday at home! On Christmas Eve, we went on a prayer walk and delivered cookies which was a great door-opener! A friend joined us (fun), and he wants to join us each future time :) We also got to attend our church's Christmas Eve service for the first time. On Christmas morning, Ricky got up early to start making a big brunch for seven (we had three Marshallese teenage boys over). We ate, talked, and played with them until late afternoon. Then, we had our own little celebration! After having the birthday dessert (pumpkin-apple pie and coffee ice cream and ginger ale -- kids' picks) and talking about the gifts we got Him and singing carols, we went outside before it grew dark to find 10 gifts from God to give him thanksgiving. Afterwards, we did our first scavenger hunt. This was so much fun; we hope to make this a new tradition! We had six clues, and the theme was Finding God -- washing machine, Ricky's back pocket, inside his Bible, tucked into a star hanging, in their bunk beds, and taped on the mirror. [We can find God in work, Daddy, His Word, nature, dreams/rest, and you! There's more, those are just the ones we did.] We finished the evening off with pizza and a Christmas movie :) It was a great first Christmas-at-home doing what we wanted and look forward to more!
  • The week after Christmas: We got to visit a dear friend at her home for the first time in five years! Then, we cleaned and packed and headed down to my parents' new house on their farm -- DaySpring! It's beautiful, and my parents did a lot of work to suit me and my needs :) My brother and his family joined us after a couple days. There's a video below of a lot of the fun we had, so I won't list it here ;) Some additional notes: I finally played Agricola solo for the first time; my parents gifted us with a new Bible (Joni Eraekson Tada's Beyond Suffering Bible, NLT -- love it!) and a globe, etc; I got to start reading Ann Voskamp's The Broken Way, easily one of favorite books!; Ricky got to hit golf balls into the woods (his favorite thing to do there ;); and, we were the only two who stayed up to ring in the new year!
Helping Daddy make the birthday dessert for Jesus -- pumpkin-apple pie :)

Acting out the nativity story (w/ friends)

Ready for delivery!
A Marshallese family we met on our prayer walk gave us some of their bamboo decorations, including some flowers :)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Symptometry Update (after three years)

I'll be brief and to the point.

Year 1 -- Improvements!

Year 2 -- Stagnant

Year 3 -- Decline (Doctor constantly trying new plans to figure out why I stopped responding); I lost half my improvements, kept half. We still did not feel like God had released us from Symptometry, though.

Now -- Last month, Doctor realized my circulation has become so poor that the particulates cannot flow through my veins well enough to be beneficial. So, we began a new treatment plan to focus slowly on improving circulation and increasing blood flow. I began it right before the new year, and... long story short -- it's working! My right ankle that had turned out in May 2013 has finally (drastically) improved! I had three pressure sores on it and could not stand on it as it kept growing worse ever since, eventually leading to a loss of leg muscle. It did point to 2 o'clock (at it's worse) but now it's like half past 12 (not all perfect but wow!) I am now able to stand on my foot! I can practice walking a little now :) My right ankle/foot was my #1 concern, so I'm quite happy and praise God for hearing my cries and alleviating the pain!

This video was taken on 7/6/2014.

This picture is from 10 days ago.

I hope to update my health improvements chart this week.

We're note sure where this is going, but we're going with God!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bits and Pieces

  • I'll catch up on the first two weeks of December now, and I hope to go through New Year's next week. I aim to post a Symptometry update in between them.
  • The first full week of December: The kids so enjoyed no school and our Advent days! We had friends over for St. Nicholas Day; Grandma came for four days -- helped Ricky move out of our storage unit one day, made birthday cupcakes...; Grandpa and Uncle Robby came down; and, we all celebrated Micaiah's 5th birthday (more below)!
  • The next week: We had the Christmas movie marathon on his actual birthday and let him select our meals and pizza. We, also, got to hold a small birthday celebration for our friend, who turned 30 ;)
  • For birthday presents, we usually get our kids a book and a toy and renew their magazine subscription (Highlights/Ranger Rick). 
I just love the way these turned out! Micaiah wrote his name on them all (with Kwik Stix), and both kids stamped (with acrylic paint) the lego border :)

Making and icing 70+ gingerbread cookies

  • Micaiah turned five, so we had a big (20+) party for him complete with boy-friends and presents. It was a LEGO-themed party to celebrate his transition from Duplos to Legos. He loved it, and he is now obsessed with legos! For gifts, he received Legos, books, and dress-up costume stuff :)