Saturday, October 26, 2013

God's Leading to Symptometry -- Part 3

Remember how earlier this month I mentioned that a big announcement would be forthcoming? Well, that is this post. {It's like Part 3 of the healing series I've been doing. Here's Part 1 and Part 2.}

I'll begin with a story. A true story that happened on a Saturday morning in late June of this year.

My perspective:
We run into a Romanian woman at the Farmers' Market. She tells us all about her daughter, also in a wheelchair, who was on her death bed just a year ago. Her body was jaundiced and shutting down before her parents' eyes (basically, the insides of her body had stopped working). The parents traveled around the country seeking help and spent $60,000 in the process. To no avail. I do not want to tell their story in details, but... the daughter was dying before their eyes and in excruciating pain. Anyway, after much prayer and fasting, God intervened and spoke to them about their daughter's healing. They were led towards this program called Symptometry and the daughter started it last summer. While the daughter is still in the healing process, her results so far are nothing short of miraculous.

Okay. So, the lady quickly tells us all this and gives us her contact information, telling us to get in touch with her if we want to get together.

However, I had just found out that I'm pregnant, and I store this encounter away in my mind for when I can better process it a few months down the road.

The Romanian lady's perspective (from what I have gathered from this family during different interactions): Her husband tells her a month beforehand that God told him that he was going to meet and minister to a young woman in a wheelchair.

The week before we meet, God tells the lady that she is going to meet the girl in the wheelchair soon.

That morning she prays for God to direct her steps, and He tells her to go to the Farmers' Market. She thinks, "Huh. I've never been to the Farmers' Market." She gets busy doing other things but leaves late morning to go to it.

She gets there and walks all over searching for a girl in a wheelchair but cannot find me. Finally, she is on her way out when she feels God prodding her to turn around. And, out of nowhere, there I am. She thinks that I must be the girl.

Then, the talk (and hugs).

She left thinking, "Well God, now this is in Your hands." After months of silence on our part, she wondered what would happen but knew that she had done her part. End her perspective.

Yeah -- quite a God-ordained encounter.

A couple months ago, we get to processing this and realize that the five of us (my mom included) should at least go over to their house and chat. So, we did (and have since formed a good friendship).

There are many details I could tell. But, I'll spare you.

We spent most of September praying about God's leading for us and whether or not He wanted us to pursue Symptometry. We ordered and read several books; we checked out the website and did Google searches about it. We watched YouTube clips. And, to be honest, we were not that impressed. If it were not for the Romanian daughter's healing story, we would not have been giving Symptometry any real thought (especially since it's dietary part is so paradigm-shifting and different from everything we have ever heard or thought).

Basically, it all came down to God's leading. That's all we wanted. And, it is all we needed.

Soon, we came to believe that Symptometry appeared to be God's leading for us and that Symptometry is what He might use to bring about my physical healing, the fulfillment of that promise to me twelve and a half years ago.

Now, this threw us off guard because... well, we naturally had always assumed that whenever God chose to manifest my healing, it would be instantaneous. You know, like when the Beast transformed back into his human form (from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast). We never, ever thought this miracle might be a process.

Then, when we felt like God was giving us the green light, I was sort of hush-hush about it. I didn't know how to get into it, and I did not want people to think that we were pursuing my healing versus the Healer. And, it's tricky to get into God's leading and the prophecy and Symptometry and try to connect them, in a short-story fashion.

Anyway, the Symptometry therapy program has two parts: a "detox" part that involves taking particulates and a dietary part that takes a lot of work.

I have not yet begun taking the particulates per the doctor's instructions to wait until Avalynn's body is out of my womb. Also, I wanted to get all this posted before I begin.

However, I have begun the diet part. It is a lot of work. My mom is doing a ton, and I've recruited my friend, Superwoman, to do a lot of baking, cooking, and preparing (I could not do this diet without her help). Before we started three weeks ago, I had a lot of preparation (creating meals, changing my recipe book, making lists galore, ordering the right things, researching, etc.) to do -- about 60 hours worth. This first month has been a huge learning curve for us. I could go on and on, but I'll stop. We've been busy to say the least. [This is a big reason my mom is here -- to help us get started and find a groove.]

*I want to add that while we did not think Symptometry had much credibility on its own, (besides the real-life story of the Romanian daughter) we have since begun to see the science behind it all and think that it might be dead-on. It's only been in the public arena for a few years, which is why many (all) people have not heard of it. Symptometry has had success even with people who have had genetic diseases, because it involves getting down to the cellular and DNA level; Symptometry is all about treating the root cause of health problemsWe are excited about God's leading!

We don't expect anyone to agree with us about Symptometry. We know the proof will be in the pudding :)

Anticipating what God has in store for us,