Persecuted Church/Missions

"The greatest single thing on planet earth is the Persecuted Church. The body of followers of Jesus Christ, which suffers just because of who they follow.

If one is looking for inspiration, courage, perseverance, look no further. If one is looking for any proof of God, look to the Persecuted Church.

The media has been slow, it seems, to report on this amazing movement. It would appear that the media would jump on the innocent suffering of others on a global scale even if those people were Christians. It would also seem that audiences would find most intriguing incredible stories of miracles."
-taken from Ricky's (old) blog
IT IS TRUE. If you need inspiration, encouragement, perspective... Then, you will find what you are searching for when you look to the Persecuted Church.
Read about, intercede for, remember -- sit at their feet, listen, learn! Here are some links to more info:

Voice of the Martyrs -- sign up for free newsletter and free Tortured for Christ book (one of the best books ever); (listen to stories and interviews!); we use their annual map and prayer calendar and kids' resources in their store; and, their Advance conferences are free., VOM -- write to persecuted brethren, so easy and cool, look into it!

International Christian Concern -- free newsletter, front page of site has updates and news stories (great resource), and the take action tab always has petitions you can sign., free newsletter and news on front page of site.

Wycliffe Kids, I'd sign up b/c they are so often offering free programs/resources/activities to do with kids. We did this ( and loved it, plus Wycliffe has super awesome stories!

One of my favorite blogs, often missions-minded and challenging -- Ann Voskamp, offers free tools.

In addition to the VOM prayer calendar, we also have prayer sticks I use w/ the kids. And we like to use the Operation World book.

If you ever get a chance, go to a Perspectives class; it's life-changing and churches will often help pay for you to go.

If you like short stories, here are some encouraging ones regarding the Persecuted Church: June 15, 2010, June 22, 2010, June 29, 2010, July 6, 2010 (my personal favorite)