Friday, November 18, 2016

Still Learning

I learned morality from my parents
I learned immorality and wickedness from myself
I learned hopelessness and despair from my heart
I learned of hope from Church
I learned grace and truth from Jesus
I learned about Jesus, the Living Word, from the Bible, the Written Word
I am still learning

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Slinging Mud and Love

  • Four weeks ago: Our friend came to visit for the weekend as I threw my first jewelry party on behalf of Freedom Firm, with the proceeds going to the Indian girls who made the jewelry after being rescued from sex-trafficking. While that was going on, I planned a surprise for my friend and had a bunch of men show up at their house, rip up their carpet, and lay new flooring -- they were humbled, surprised, and grateful :)
  • Three weeks ago: We had friends over for dinner, went to some friends' home for dinner (and kept the kids up way too late), took me to a pregnancy care banquet, visited the chiropractor, attended a book signing at the library, entertained Ricky's dad and brother for a visit, took them to the Renaissance Festival (had a blast), and partied at our church's fall festival.
  • Two weeks ago: Friends came for dinner and games, we went on our monthly prayer walk, and we attended a Reformation Day party at a local church (complete with costumes, acts, trunk or treat, bonfire...)
  • Last week: We had friends over for All Saints' Day, Micaiah enjoyed mud-slingin' one morning by throwing mud all over the porch (floor, walls, ceiling, stuff) and putting mudpies on the door (yep), did early voting, got my new wheelchair tires put on (thanks Mom and Dad!), and our friend came to visit for the weekend as we threw a surprise bridal shower for our friend who's been married for 14 years (she didn't have a shower when she got married, and my friend and I really wanted to bless and encourage her as she continues on her journey) -- she was surprised, and it was lovely!
  • Also, we were blessed by our families who jointly purchased a new washing machine for us, and it is SO nice and fancy ;) 3x bigger than our old one!
 Jewelry party -- paper balls and food display
 All the earrings are on the right (not shown)
 I had an intro video playing on repeat and some cards with individual girls' stories showing
 Talking to Superwoman (and her surprise below)
 It looked beautiful!
Micaiah mimicking the chiropractor ;)
with Uncle Robby
 "shooting star"
 He wanted the sledgehammer!
 nailing Luther's 95 theses
Johann Tetzel, Queen Esther, and the Centurion who had faith
 Batman ;)
She is open for business; leave a tip and you get a serenade :)
Aolani's penmanship :)
The surprise bridal shower
  • Micaiah reading via his imagination, and Aolani reading the book she wrote for me.
  • School verses: Micaiah -- Psalm 105:1, Exodus 20:15-6 ; Aolani -- Deuteronomy 6:4-6, Isaiah 55:6
  • Verses to memorize lately: 2 Corinthians 5:10-11