Friday, August 14, 2015

I'm Helping You

"My healing work has already begun in your life it began when I first drew you to myself. The deeper you go in me and the longer you abide in me, the more human you will experience. It is my healing touch that soothes your ailing body, your aching heart, your troubled mind, and your weary soul. It is my touch that heals you from the self absorption that consumes you, the apathy toward me that depletes you, the lust that brings you shame and regret, the materialism that leaves you unsatisfied, the forgiveness that isolates you from others all the sin that has made your soul so sick. I know it is never comfortable when my Spirit shows you the areas of your life that are offensive to me. I'm not trying to hurt you by calling attention to your sins; I'm helping you. Won't you let me love you in this way? Just turn toward me and begin to confess those sins rather than ignoring them or trying to hide them. I won't turn away from you. I will cleanse you. This repentance I'm calling you to is not a onetime thing. I'm asking you to make it your way of life. As you live in brokenness before me, I will continue to show you the things in your life that keep you from closer fellowship with me not to condemn you or discourage you, but to draw you into the full and free life I have for you. On the cross, I dealt decisively with your deepest and most destructive disease, and even now you are being healed by my wounds. There I destroyed the power of sin to rule your life and determine your destiny. I am not unmoved by the pain in your life. As you lay it before me and invite me into it, you will find me moving toward you, bringing you peace."
~ Nancy Guthrie (Hear Jesus Speak of His Healing for You)