Saturday, August 22, 2015

Following Him = Deliverance from Tyranny of Self = Freedom!

"Follow me. When I say these two words to you, I'm offering you an invitation. But I must also tell you that I'm issuing you a command. Following me cannot be a halfhearted pursuit. If there's anything keeping you from following me, you must get rid of it. Follow me. It will require that you stop following the ways of this world. You can't value what the world values or love what the world loves, because the world does not value me or love me. But if you follow me, I will lead you away from a life of chasing after possessions and experiences and passions that will never end up satisfying you. Follow me. But you should know that following me means going to my Cross. Following me requires a death to your self-worship so that I can live in you and through you. You will live in your earthly body not by taking care of yourself but by trusting in me. Follow me. I will save you from the tyranny of always thinking about yourself first and foremost your needs, your discomforts, your hurts, your wants, your preferences, your rights. Instead, I'll show you how to surrender your demands for the life you think you deserve so you'll want, most of all, to please me. Follow me, not into a life of comfort, but into a life of significance. Following me may cost you your very life, but you can be confident that I will more than make up for everything you lose along the way. And in the process, your life will witness to the world that you treasure me more than anything and everything you've let go of. Follow me, listening for the sound of my voice in your life. I know there are plenty of voices all around you and even inside you telling you what to think and what to believe and how to live. Don't let those voices drown out my voice in your ear. Tune in to my voice by opening up my Word. Judge every other voice by its harmony with mine. Follow me to where I am going. I am going to prepare a place for you. When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am."
~ Nancy Guthrie (Hear Jesus Speak of His Healing for You)