Monday, March 4, 2013

Running (and other verbs)

  • Our weekend consisted of: Ricky running a relay in an 8k race (so his part was only a mile and a quarter), dinner at some sweet friends' house, church (Aolani gives us directions as we drive there every week), and our small group gathering (Ricky made our big-hit minty fudge, Aolani loved playing with SIX other kids, Micaiah made a wild ruckus our whole meeting, and we are watching a DVD series by Paul David Tripp on parenting that I am enjoying).
  • Aolani's (verbal) antics: [me] "Aolani, do you want more salmon or sweet potato or cauliflower?" [her] "Nooo, I just want more bread and butter."; "Grandma gave Papa a new pillow yesterday." [completely random and made-up]; [as my friend was putting the coconut oil gallon-tub in the cupboard, Aolani gasps and points...] "Oil-pulling. Watch out, Mary. Don't drop it on your toe!" [which she did last week and bawled big tears with her bloody toe :( It really hurt her.]
  • Micaiah's mishaps: threw my home phone in the toilet, talks all the time and loudly at that, and we find ourselves continually in awe at how this boy can eat!

  • Three part -- One, Aolani playing a tickling game with Micaiah (sooo cute!). Two, Micaiah getting a little too excited playing with the recliner. Three, Micaiah hard at work shifting the refrigerator magnets (this was recorded almost two weeks ago, so his balance has improved a lot since then, but it is good to have this sweet stage recorded).
  • Verse to memorize this week: John 14:27 ~ Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.