Sunday, July 22, 2012

Giving, Thanking, Knowing, Biting

"How many times has my 'I can’t give' really mean, 'I can’t give without bearing a burden myself?'" ~ Ann Voskamp
"Discontentment is one of those daily grinds that forces others to listen to our list of woes. But they don't for long! Discontented souls soon become lonely souls." ~ Charles Swindoll

"I believe predestination is more about God's knowing than God's choosing." ~ me (I would be embarrassed quoting myself, especially on theology, but I sincerely believe that there is truth in this. Ricky and I have been discussing this issue, and when I was quoting Romans 8:29-30, the light went on!) 
"I try to emulate His walk, I ain't original. I strive to copy His style, I aspire to be a biter." ~ Trip Lee lyrics from Brag On My Lord *
*Note: Before I read the lyrics above, I thought he was saying, "I aspire to be an abider," which I like, too ;) Oh, and 'biter' is slang for someone who imitates.