Monday, December 6, 2010

Nursing Notes

Skip this post for all you menfolk!
  1. Plugged Duct: I meant to mention that about 10 days ago, I had gotten a plugged duct (painful) in one breast. I read that changes in bras can cause this. I had slept two nights without a bra, and I usually sleep wearing a sports' bra. I put some warm washcloths on the painful area that morning, slept with the bra on that night, made her nurse on that side first all day, and the pain was gone within 24 hours!
  2. Biting: As you already know Aolani loves to bite, especially now that her top teeth have come down a lot. Teeth marks, bruises, cuts, blood, scabs... Horror! One thing has really decreased the frequency of her biting. I read that babies tend to bite is boredom from either being done or the milk ejection has slowed down. So, I have drastically cut the time she gets to nurse. I use to give her 15 minutes per side, 30 minutes total. Now, I give her 5-10 minutes per side, 15-20 minutes total. When she does bite, I pull her off right away and firmly say, "No bite!" I sign no and tell her that biting is off limits and hurts Mommy. She fusses and cries (telling her 'no' hurts her feelings). I give her one more try on that side to drink milk. If she bites again, I loudly say, "NO!" and either switch sides or end that nursing session.
  3. Position: By accident, we discovered a new feeding position that is so useful with bigger babies (she is 18 lbs and can sit alone). Aolani is so long that it was getting hard to maneuver her on the Boppy. Basically, she sits up sideways on my lap and turns her head and goes for the breast closest to her. So, I flip her the other direction when it is time to change sides. This position is so easy!