Thursday, October 14, 2010

On or Off?

You know those days when you are just "off"?

I'm not referring to those days when everything around you, your circumstances, goes wrong and nothing goes according to plan. That certainly does happen to us all, though.

But, I'm not talking about an off day. I'm thinking about an off you.

Some days you feel like you are HOT - on fire. You're with it. You are on.

And then there are those days where you feel like you got nothing. Nothing good to offer. You're grouchy, grumpy, tearful, irritable - for no real reason. Nothing is wrong, per se. You are off.

Well, babies have those days, too. And why shouldn't they? They are little people (not that size matters). I found this out probably within the first week of having my precious firstborn home. She would not follow her routine from the day before. She would cry without cause - she wasn't in pain or need, just felt like it I guess. And, you know what I told her...

You can have an off day. You can be off. I have days where I am off, too. It is okay. You are allowed to be off.

Tomorrow is another day. And, you can be off then, too.