Thursday, October 7, 2010

Links in the Chain

This past Sunday was Life Chain, an event honored by pro-lifers in America and Canada every year for just one hour. Pro-lifers peaceably and silently hold signs (I have often held the "Adoption - the Loving Option" sign in the past) by the side of the road and PRAY. We chose the "Abortion Kills Children" since Aolani was with us :)

I have had two questions for pro-abortionists for awhile now:
  1. How can a child truly believe that their parents (who support abortion) love them un-conditionally? Because if the condition (circumstance or situation) had not been right, then my parents would have killed me. That is not un-conditional love, but conditional love. If my parents supported abortion, this thought would drive me crazy.
  2. Why does age determine if a person is a human? Most states allow for an abortion up to 24 weeks, although some states allow abortions in the final trimester. If a person becomes human at a certain age, then wouldn't reasoning wonder why 24 weeks or 9 months... and not 1 year old (baby) or 3 years old (toddler) or 7 years old (kid) or 12 years old (pre-teen) or 15 years old (teenager) or 18 years old (adult)? Are adults even human beings? Maybe a person shouldn't be counted among the human race until they reach 21 years old, I mean if age determines when the "not-a-person-yet" becomes human. This makes no sense to me. I want some real wisdom.
*My hubby pointed out the common argument about a person becoming human once born and able to breathe oxygen. So, a 23-week old baby isn't human inside the belly, but only outside of it? If so, then oxygen is what defines a person's humanity. Thus, oxygen becomes god? Huh?!