Friday, October 8, 2010

Marco? Polo!

Part of last week, we were able to meet my immediate family down in Marco Island, FL. We flew while everyone else drove because we were not able to stay as long. We had never been there, but we now call it 'The Continental Hawai'i.' It is that nice. If there is another family vacation down the road, I think this will be the destination :)

Aolani was ideal on the flights - wooing every other passenger with her coy, flirty smiles! The weather was great; it only rained the day we were leaving ;) By far, the most noteworthy news regarding the trip... by a fluke (aka grace) all the handicap accessible rooms were taken, so Ricky and I had to settle on getting moved up to the penthouse. Yep, the penthouse at the Marriott's resort. I have never (and likely it will never happen again) seen, needless stayed, inside a penthouse suite. But, oh my! Our deck was larger than my parent's and my brother's rooms put together! What a delightful and unexpected treat this turned out to be. Thank You, Father of lights. Let me just say that there is something special about being on the rooftop :)

Aolani did get to experience some firsts on this trip. Ricky took her into the ocean, and he also submerged her under water (in the pool). Supposedly, babies hold their breath when you blow on their face. So, he blew and dipped. I was suspicious (I'm the mother), but hey, she's alive... Here's some pictures:

Marco Island is gulf side. The beach had soft, white sand. Not that I would know; I didn't ever feel it!

Aolani and her cousin Kylie had three of the same outfits. Here's the first one: a sun suit.

See my nervous expression in the background as Ricky blows and dunks?!

Lindsay, Kylie, and Jacob (my brother)

"I'm too cool for this pool"

Outfit no. 2 = bathing suit

I love this picture of Kylie - it looks like she has the football and is warding off the defense as she runs the ball in for a touchdown. Go, Kylie, go!

"Toss me in, Dad. I can float!"

Grandma Oliver

Pawpaw Oliver

Our precious niece

This makes the third identical outfit. Aolani may be smaller, but she can obviously hold her own - here she is ripping her cousin's ear off!

Family portrait

Farewell to this tropical paradise!
Marco Island is highly recommended!