Monday, October 18, 2010

Highway to the Danger Zone

  • Today, we are celebrating 8 months for Aolani, which has turned out to be a big milestone for two reasons. One: While staring into my eyes Saturday morning after she had nursed, she said "Mama." Ricky was with me, so I have proof. It was exhilarating! I realize that she was mimicking the sound I had made earlier, but it was elating all the same. Two: She crawled on Friday for the first time. Yes, forward. That morning she had combined three techniques to move forward, but she learned to alternate arm and leg by the afternoon. So, we have spent the weekend watching her crawl. It is so cute that I can't contain myself! I will get a video up of her crawling soon. [I took one already, but she is wearing a dress that kept getting caught under her knee and causing her to slip.]

  • This was great timing because Nonna (Ricky's mom) and Aolani's great Aunt were visiting this weekend to witness her accomplishments. She got to get dressed up three days in a row, so here are some pictures:

I love this video of her and Ricky flirting ;)

  • Last week, I laid down a towel in her crib, stripped her, and started eating a banana in front of her. Of course, she snatched it away quickly, put it to her mouth, discovered it was food, and gave me her "Mommy that was sneaky" look, and wouldn't eat a bite. Oh well. It was worth a try. At least it made for a fun, messy picture :)

  • Ricky and I went on our traditional date last week. Traditional meaning it involved chess and Where's Waldo? However, looking down at the book hurt my neck, so I suggested that we go home and find Waldo propped up in bed. Yeah, we fell asleep in no time like that. Lights on, clothes on, and Waldo was still missing. We learned our lesson.

  • Aolani has begun this thing where she will nap briefly and then awake. I get ready to go get her (she plays by herself in her crib just fine) and by the time I'm ready, she will fall back asleep for a long time. So funny!

  • Another cute behavior: Now when I open the crib, she crawls over and out the door to me!

  • Changing her has become impossible! It now takes me twice as long and requires all the skill I can muster. I feel like I am wrestling an alligator! I need to listen to some workout music during this time. Right into the Danger Zone...

  • Verse to memorize this week: Romans 12:17 ~ Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody.