Monday, May 3, 2010


In case anyone is wondering, I (Aidan) am planning to take care of Aolani when Ricky is away at work. We had a friend (Greg Stier) modify a crib and changing table so it is wheelchair-friendly. I travel with her via a sling (Hugamonkey). Ricky and I have spent some time practicing and even had a trial run-through day where I took care of Aolani on my own. Let's just say we're alive... JUST KIDDING! We did just fine, and Aolani received her mommy's tender love and care :)
The changing table was cut down and the width was widened so I could roll under it. We bought this new and just chopped it.

The crib was raised up so I could roll under it. Two doors were put on the front of it (and open outwards) so I can reach her in case she rolls to the other side of the crib. The door locks are magnetic (Tot loks). This crib was actually my old crib!