Friday, May 21, 2010


  • Fun[ny] news: Aolani giggled for the first last Sunday night. She has laughed only a few more times since then. I can't wait to record and post it :)

  • Also last weekend, she "found" her hands and has been totally enthralled with them ever since! She is constantly clasping them and doing an in-depth study on this new discovery.

  • My new brace arrived this week. I think it works, even though it hurts (pressure) to wear it too long. I think my foot is slowly starting to heal itself, as it now only turns out toward 11 o'clock.

  • I thought she might be dairy sensitive, so I cut out dairy products from my diet. I think she's improved, but maybe it's because she is getting older. However, she is having baby diarrhea once a day still. It might be eggs, so I am going to try that...

  • She is constantly getting comments on how long and luxurious her lashes are for a baby. I tried to get a good picture while she was napping in the sling on me, but the camera would not focus properly. Sorry; here's the shot anyhow.

  • Storytime: The other afternoon I just had to go to the kitchen and grab a snack. So, I set her in the crib (wide-awake) for a few minutes. I was eating in the kitchen with the monitor turned on voice-activation (eliminates constant noises or small movements) in case she needed me. Out of nowhere, she had several massive eruptions out of her butt that awoke the monitor (so I could hear them all)! And, she didn't even make a peep. I went back in to find a happy, still-awake baby wiggling on top of a poopy crib sheet. "Let's just cover that up with a blanket until help gets home..."

  • She has rubbed a bald spot on the back of her head (repeatedly looking to and fro trying to see and learn everything around her). I know this is common, but I still think it is funny and funny-looking!

  • I am reading a book to her while she lies on the changing table called Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die by John Piper. The entire book is in pdf for free online (click on the title). She really likes it, as do I ;)

  • We put her crib toy (Sunny) up last weekend, and she really enjoys the colorful lights. She acts like she could care less about the classical music it plays.