Wednesday, May 12, 2010


  • My new wheelchair is still not here. We started this process in December, and I don't even know if it has been ordered yet!

  • Ricky and my dad teamed up to cook my mom and I a spaghetti dinner for our Mother's Day treat. And it was delicious.

  • Okay, so ever since I posted about her sleeping through the night, she wakes in the middle of the night. Guess I spoke too soon...

  • I still read Philippians 4 to her everyday, but I have added chapter 3 since she's been born. Hopefully, I'll have the whole book memorized soon enough :)

  • I know babies cry (and sometimes a lot) but still... the other day we were in our chiropractor's parking lot and Ricky had the van doors wide open. He was sitting outside in my wheelchair taking off my "bad" leg braces while I sat in the van. And Aolani was being, well, vocal. She was hungry and I was going to feed her as soon as I could, but my feet hurt and I wanted the braces off first. Well, a lady was in the parking lot listening to her wail when she finally got out of her car, walked over, stuck her arms out as if to hold a baby and offered to help by taking her. I was a little embarrassed.

  • Last year I discovered the Cosmetic Database, looked up the ingredients in the products we used and was shocked. I didn't want those things penetrating my skin, getting into my bloodstream and affecting our developing baby (even a little). So, we discontinued some items and started making a few of our own things (like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, wet wipes, sprays...). If anyone ever wants some easy recipes, just ask :)

  • A few weeks ago, Aolani started to drool but now her drooling issue drenches her shirts. I guess it's bibs from here on out... I'm telling you, you turn away for a minute, glance back and this is what you see:

The adorable saliva ring :)

  • I am now (mostly) caught up on blog posts. Phew! And Ricky returns to work tomorrow. Timing is everything.