Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Postpartum, Post-due

The good thing about writing this a long time later is that a lot of the postpartum woes are gone with the wind -- like the pain and burning when you sit (wait... I always sit!) or pee or MOVE. That lasted for two weeks (should have been 1 wk but exacerbated by sitting in a wheelchair all day), but was somewhat alleviated by warm, salt baths. I had big, nasty bruises from the hep-lock that hurt. The baby blues hit me harder than I expected, which brought many tears and the desire to not see or talk to any human being. Hormones. And let's not forget that learning to nurse is tough and a lot of work but way worth it!

I had my 4-week postpartum check-up that pronounced me healthy. The doctor's office gave Aolani the "Prettiest Baby of the Month" award. We think that's being modest ;) Noteworthy news: the doctors at this practice are going to write a case study (medical article that will be published in a medical journal). We are so excited about this and the chance for there to be more information on childbirth for women with Friedreich's Ataxia. I must admit that it is relieving to know that all that work in keeping a pregnancy journal is not wasted.

Alright, the main thing. Ever since I gave birth, my left foot turns outward and points to 10 o'clock. We've been to eight doctors. Exhausting and unprofitable. Lots of opinions and no real diagnosis, except that it is obviously some kind of nerve damage, most likely originating in my spine. My favorite comment, "Huh. I've never seen that." For the first month, my foot tremored. The twitching lessened as my foot started to permanently angle outward. However, we can grab the ankle and foot and turn it straight. So, we think it will heal itself over time. Unfortunately, I cannot put weight on it or my other foot -- that's because I pulled the heel cord muscle in that foot by putting all my weight on it when I transferred. So, transfers are just that: unfortunate. Also, my foot hurts all the time and hinders my sleep (some nights are really rough). We've been trying to get a leg brace for it to hold my ankle and foot straight, but we're still waiting. We have a night splint, removable cast and a bad brace. They don't work. We're hoping that a correct brace will help with the pain, maintain the range of motion for that muscle and encourage those nerves to remember what they are suppose to do. I kept postponing this post because I kept hoping this foot issue would get resolved before I wrote about it. Please pray for my foot. Anyway, I'll keep you posted.

Bottom line: Postpartum for me has been a little tough, but HIS GRACE IS ENOUGH FOR ME (2 Cor. 12:9)