Monday, May 17, 2010

Nursing Gear

Just thought I'd compile a little list of some things that have been essential to breastfeeding for me (to help any moms expecting her first baby):
  • The Boppy has been a life-saver; while you're at it get a couple extra slipcovers...
  • Burp cloths, and LOTS of 'em!
  • Nursing sports' bras for lounging around the house
  • Zipper jackets, for ease of use (also housewear) OR shirts that unbutton halfway
  • Medela Pump (it's worth the $)
  • Night light that attaches to the headboard of your bed (unless you plan on getting out of bed to nurse)
  • Digital/Sportswatch for timing the length of the feeding (important during the first couple months)
  • I use the best ointment that's organic and works wonders (cures diaper rash and soothes nipples): Recovery Salve