Saturday, May 1, 2010


When we have random notes or news we'll call it "mosaic," because it's fun, colorful pieces (just like people's lives)... and, what can I say, mosaic is a pretty word :)
  • While I was on disability leave before Aolani was born, my job was terminated.

  • Ricky returns to work May 13 (for real).

  • Aolani slept in the car for the first 4-6 weeks, but she now stays wide awake in the car. So much for relying on the car to get her to sleep!

  • Breastfeeding is my favorite thing -- my love for her (desire to provide and protect) is so strong, and she is SO cute and dependent then ;)

  • Ricky is such a great father!!

  • We went on a date last Saturday (Aolani partied with Grandma O). Aolani took her first bottle then (she did alright with it but prefers the skin-on-skin). Ricky and I went to a coffee shop to play chess and find Waldo (Where's Waldo makes for a great, cheap date; we are only halfway through a book we got for $6.95 a year ago!) before dining at my favorite Japanese steakhouse.

  • We were out and an older lady (late 70's) saw the car seat and wanted to see the baby in it. She asked her name, pronounced it beautifully, and proceeded to tell us about how she taught a little Hawai'ian girl by that name a long time ago. Talk about unexpected!

  • Ricky's parents came for a visit a couple weekends ago and took us out to eat. We were at the restaurant so long, Aolani eventually wanted to eat too. So, Ricky and I headed to the women's restroom (the handicap stall) for this little ordeal. Well, we were getting along fine until a college-aged girl pranced into the bathroom and, literally, ripped the stall-door open (even with it locked). Just to find Ricky leaning over me holding Aolani up while she feeds. But wait, my back was to the door, and this girl couldn't see the baby. Shocked, flabbergasted, embarrassed -- she quickly left and the door kept swinging open because the lock was broken! Who knows what she thought with a man leaning over a girl in a wheelchair hidden away in a bathroom stall... Alas, we finally left and Aolani, belly full, was none-the-wiser.

  • We've been working on this 2,000-piece puzzle of an ancient world map. We thought that we would have plenty of time to finish this during postpartum. Yeah, 9 weeks later and it looks like we just started yesterday! Babies keep you busy...

  • We used disposable diapers the first 4-6 weeks while she grew big enough to wear cloth diapers. We use bumgenius and they are great! Highly recommended and no diaper rash! Washing them is really a breeze. Cloth diapers have drastically changed over the years (so we're told).

  • Ricky received a Seahawks jersey for his birthday (from his parents) and was so glad at this surprise gift, he wanted to show it off.