Friday, January 29, 2010

Fit As a Fiddle

Happy Friday!

My mom and I are going to work in the nursery some tomorrow morning while Ricky puts together the car seat. Since Aolani is officially dubbed "full-term" as of today (37 weeks), I suppose we are trying to get ready for her big debut.

This is a very similar profile picture compared to the previous two. This time was really exciting because I got to watch her lips move like she was talking to us ("Ready or not?!"). In reality, she was probably practicing her suckle. She weighed in at 6 lbs 5 oz and was practicing her breathing. She is still pretty active to be in such a tight ball. She had a full bladder we could see. The ultrasound tech gave her an 8 out of 8 score for her biophysical exam. He couldn't believe how healthy she was and said that she was the healthiest baby they've seen lately!

Oh, and Ricky got approved to take six weeks of FMLA paternity leave once she's born to be able to help me recover! We are so excited and thankful to God for this time we will get to have together as a family!!

  • I had a dream the other night about Aolani. She had been born for two weeks, and no one would let me change my daughter's diaper yet! I finally got to change her and yelled, "This is not Aolani!" The baby was a boy! Don't worry; they confirm her femininity every week :)

  • My computer is dying a slow and scary death. It's seven years old, which is apparently its lifespan. Last week it kept randomly crashing on me. It takes a while to complete otherwise very quick tasks, such as opening the Internet. We got it on and backed up the entire hard drive. After some prayer and discussion, we thought it wise to just invest in a new CPU (my screen is wonderful). Ricky thought it would really help me instead of spending sufficient time battling with this "I-do-whatever-I-want" computer. I called Dell and explained that I need the cheapest desktop CPU they had. After trying to rip me off three times, I finally got it ordered! We are hoping it arrives before Aolani :)

  • We went out to eat last week. Saw an old man playing himself in chess. As we are always prepared for unplanned dates such as this one, we went back to the van and excavated our cheapo, magnetic, travel chess board. Although I had beaten Ricky the last few times we played, he dominated this match! It is really nice to have your spouse not only enjoy chess but to be on the same playing field. Spuds + chess = fun for budgeting nerds. Hint: leave the game in the car if you go to a *nice* restaurant. Hint #2: Where's Waldo is something else we keep handy in the car.

  • We've been practicing my squats (which is suppose to let gravity help pull her down). For a woman with poor leg-muscle control, let's just say this is interesting ;)