Friday, January 15, 2010

35 Weeks

Here's this week's ultrasound picture. It's very similar to the one from last week. She's already acting ornery like her mother. The tech really wanted her to move while she was on the screen, but she wouldn't budge amidst all the shaking and poking. She moved all that morning during breakfast, in the waiting room, and right after I got up from the table! Hehe. They usually want her to be still when she won't stop moving.

Also, I met with the anesthesiologist this past week. Gave him the few articles there are on how anesthesia reacts in people with FA. It was an uneventful meeting. Please pray with us that I will not need anesthesia!
Her movements have become uncomfortable. Gone are the "flutter" days. I had a notebook resting on my abdomen that I was reading while reclining this afternoon. A few jabs from her and the notebook fell off!

We just love our natural childbirth classes! We HIGHLY recommend that every pregnant woman take them. We had three more couples join, so now there are seven total.

Last night we met with our doula for the first time. It was such a blessed time. She has four kids (all natural births) and even birthed her last child in her tub at home with a midwife! I mentioned before that she was my sister-in-law's doula, but I didn't mention that (it turns out) she is the sister of a missionary couple we support in Italy! Definitely a "small world" situation. She helps me to feel so much stronger, safer, more secure, and more prepared. I certainly wouldn't attempt a natural childbirth without the support of a midwife or doula. I know she will be a pivotal asset for my labor support team. Here we are:

Note: Please remember to lift Haiti up in your prayers, especially that many would recognize Jesus as their ultimate need amidst such devastation!