Monday, January 25, 2010

The Final Countdown!

Yes, it's true -- We are in the last month of this pregnancy. It's unbelievable! We hit the mark a week ago but have been so busy, as you can imagine :)

This is real. I am growing DAILY now. Aolani is a big girl.

There is hardly any room on my lap to carry anything on it anymore because the rest of my legs (not covered by her) are forced so far apart!

I'll try and give quick notes on some of last week's events:
  • Ricky finally went to the dentist and got four fillings (two new, two replacements for old metal ones). They didn't numb him well enough before the drilling started and found out the hard way :) However, it is over and he is so glad to have no more metal in his mouth.
  • Ultrasounds are every week, but no pictures from last week. Hopefully, I'll get one tomorrow. Last week they tracked her for 20 minutes and wanted to see if I was having any contractions. None yet. They had a band strapped with some monitors on her, and she was not a fan. You could hear and see her trying to get them off her home. Aolani says, "Don't cramp my style!"
  • I had a fitting for a new (or simply modified) wheelchair. After almost five years of using this chair, I had a list of changes I wanted to make. Hopefully, I can get a completely new chair, soon! We are excited though.
  • As you can see, my hair got the axe. I had about 11 inches chopped. This was my 5th time donating to Locks of Love. As you know, I chop it off and then it takes two years to grow out long enough to do it again. That's right. Two years of no haircuts. However, that might be the last time I do that. I am just so glad that it is cut, short, and ready for baby. Ricky likes it and calls it my "Mommy 'Do."
  • We got to meet with Aolani's pediatrician and tour the clinic. We are thankful she hasn't come yet because I really wanted to go to this small practice, but it took four months to even get in!
  • Other appointments included my regular OB/GYN (30-lb weight gain for me so far), chiropractor (such relief now that the back pain has really increased) and our natural childbirth class (so fun and enlightening).

Aolani is already such a joy to us ;) She wiggles a lot, and it is visible. It's one of my favorite things -- watching my belly move. We enjoy seeing her poke, kick, flip sides and stick her heiny out! I'll try and post again later this week :)