Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baby Registries

They are as ready as they're ever going to be. There are two:

http://www.babiesrus.com/ - Obviously a nationwide store. You can order online almost everything, but you can go to a physical Babies "R" Us or Toys "R" Us and see what they have in-store that is on our registry.

http://www.youaremysunshine.biz/ - A local business of Wilmington. Around half of our registry is available for online orders; however, there are several items available in-store only. They have two physical locations in Wilmington: one is downtown in the Cotton Exchange and the other is in the mall (Belk wing).

A few notes for those making other purchases:
We are using cloth diapers. We will be avoiding products containing chemicals and most plastics. Aidan will be breastfeeding (God-willing), so we will not need all the bottle/formula stuff. If possible, we are selecting organic clothes and other eco-friendly items. We are avoiding clothes with buttons and snaps, which are hard for Aidan to use, and are looking for Velcro and zippers.

We so appreciate your understanding!

Baby shower invitations will be going out to local friends and family this month. The showers are scheduled for January.

An ultrasound is scheduled for Thursday, so an update will be soon to follow :)