Saturday, December 19, 2009

Do you want a FREE Blackberry?

We had to get a new cellphone because our provider and plan had changed. So, we of course put it off for two months. On Thursday we finally got to the store, and they strongly encouraged us to get the FREE Blackberry Storm because it is such a great deal. However, it has a mandatory Internet fee of $30 a month. With a 2-yr. contract, that's a $720 commitment for a FREE phone. We were pretty nervous, caught off guard, and stunned by this fancy new phone with a touchscreen enticing us. So, we got it, walked out the doors, but... there was no peace. My spirit felt unsettled. We prayed about it and felt like it wasn't the right move/investment for us. So, today we went back with the plastic still on the Blackberry's screen. We, personally, do not have a want or need for Internet, extra cellphone radiation, and a loss of $720! Anyway, we just thought it was funny that we could not afford a FREE phone :) Well, that was our 2-day experience of being "cool" with our FREE Blackberry.

Oh, and we ended up with the Samsung Alias 2, a phone with no Internet, no monthly fees, and lower radiation. And we think that is very "cool."