Thursday, November 19, 2009

Quick and to the Point

I wanted to post some third trimester pix, since today is the lovely 2/3 mark!!

It's true: She gains ounces, I gain pounds.

I feel large and in charge, and I look it here!

Other notes:
  • Of course, after I mention sleeping better, sleep has eluded me ever since!
  • The restless legs (RLS) had been showing up on occasion, but RLS is back EVERYDAY.
  • Bending and leaning isn't a good option anymore. Aolani is just too big. If I drop something and it hits the floor, you'll hear, "Uh-oh, Ricky..."
  • The acne is still going strong; Ricky thinks I spread it to him, too :)
  • Well, we were waiting to see if it would appear, and it has. We were nervous... my legs, my ankles, and (mainly) my feet are SWELLING. It's still a shocker to look down and see my skinny, bony feet looking like puffy blimps! I want to reach down and squish them (but that's nearly impossible). We tried my winter boots on last night. Verdict: not even close!
  • Biggest downfall, which I only expect to worsen, is that I am exhausted! I dream of sleep and rest and a land of pillows and back massages...

We leave tomorrow after work to begin our journey to Cincinnati (to visit and love on Ricky's immediate family) for Thanksgiving. We have next week off of work and will return the following weekend (yes, with all the traffic). Please pray for our travel, as I haven't gone on any big trips during my pregnancy. And this one is a doozy!