Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Big Squeeze

I've hit the 30-week mark... She could be here anytime after the new year... It's starting to feel like CRUNCH TIME.

What does that mean for us?
  • Sanding and painting her crib and changing table (modifying is DONE)
  • Trying to get next year's health insurance figured out (IN PROCESS)
  • Remodeling the bathroom, so it's accessible and easy for me to use (IN PROCESS)
  • Hardwood floors put down throughout house (DONE)
  • Beginning the process of getting me a new wheelchair, now that I know what changes to make (IN PROCESS)
  • Putting the nursery together (not even close to starting)
  • Researching online when time allows!
  • Getting all her stuff (what a blessing baby showers, friends and family are!)
  • Childbirth classes (6 weeks long starting in January)
  • Tour pediatric clinic (scheduled for mid-January)
  • Find a doula (DONE): The one who helped my sister-in-law agreed to help me, too :)
  • Lots and lots of reading and learning...
It looks and is overwhelming, but PRAISE GOD for He gives strength to those who are exhausted and worn out (Isaiah 40)!!!