Saturday, December 19, 2009

2 More Months?!

Yep. Today is the 7-month mark. And I cannot imagine 2 more months! Pictures are at the bottom.

Aolani's heart, according to the pediatric echo cardiogram, is perfect. And she loves to kick my bladder :)

My hips, butt, and back hurt so much that the escalated pain is moving down my thighs. So, I am now sleeping with a pillow between my legs, which may occasionally help. I have become so big that I cannot move at all when I'm lying down. Ricky has to do it all. Bottom line: We are losing a lot of sleep at night. Not complaining, just admitting that this trimester is rough and tough.

Yes, I am still at work, but I just take one day at a time.

Ricky has started to scoop me up to put me in the car, which actually feels safer because my leg-muscle pain has made them unreliable when I put my weight on them.

We've been getting lots of Christmas cards, and it is so FUN to see pictures and read updates from our beloved friends and family (that's you). Also, we thank all of you for your concern, encouragement and love for us!!! Believe me, it is reciprocated!

I have my OB/GYN checkup visit on Monday. At the last appointment, she notified me that I must now come in every other week. Phooey!

Can you see the (already) 25 lb. weight gain? Hey, more to love ;) I bet I'll gain 10 more at this rate. Ricky is trying to get "buffer" by doing more push ups or at least pickups (of us girls).

Did you notice her stocking on the right? My mom got it for her -- sweet :)

Already holding her... and telling her what a big girl she is :)

CHRISTmas is in the air...

...and so is love :)