Thursday, March 12, 2015

Twist and Turn

  • A normal week apart from an 8k relay race we got to join. Ricky ran the first 2k, our friend and his son walked the next 2 parts, then we all did the last 2k together. We were the last to cross the finish line at 1:27:55 with 3 small kids, a dog, and a wheelchair?! 
  • I must say that parenting definitely gets harder as the kids grow older -- dealing with character-formation, discipline, consequences, and resistance...
  • Micaiah's mishaps: is transitioning to wearing underwear at night (we have 1 or 2 pull-ups left and that's it!), but he wakes up dry two out three nights right now...; when "making his bed" he says over and over to himself Straight it, straight it (instead of straighten it) :); and, goes around talking about breaking Jesus' heart (after Ricky gave the kids an explanation about communion)!
  • Aolani's antics: called the chair lift at Ricky's parents' house the highway that goes up the stairs; and, said that Grandma gives birth to curly hair ;)

Sunday afternoons during nap time :)
  • School verse: Ephesians 6:1 ~ Children, obey your parents...
  • I am memorizing Psalm 27. This week will be verses 3-4  Though a mighty army surrounds me, my heart will not be afraid. Even if I am attacked, I will remain confident. The one thing I ask of the LORD— the thing I seek most— is to dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD and to seek Him in His Temple.