Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Little Undone

When company is about to come over and I am trying to pick things up and create order, Ricky always reminds me to leave some things undone, messy.


I was confused at first, but then he would explain to me how our guests are going to feel much comfortable in our home if it looks lived in and not perfect.

Every house has mess, things out of place, disorder, people living there. If people visit a perfectly-kept home, they feel the need to pretend and put on a facade in order to be accepted by you. But a little obvious imperfection liberates others. They do not feel the need to appear a certain way but can feel at ease, warm and at home -- real and honest relationships can be formed now!

And you? It frees you too :) Appearances can go; you can just be wonderful you!

Note: I am not opposing cleaning up some for visitors as that is a way of showing honor, hospitality, and that you simply want them there (they are worth the effort and are not intruders) -- you have made a way and space for them. They feel welcomed into your home. But, there's a difference between having things be "good enough" and anally perfect.