Saturday, January 10, 2015

Winding Down, Gearing Up

  • First, I'll share some funny things the kids said and show pictures from the week before we left on vacation to my parent's house for two weeks. 
  • Aolani: "You want Mommy to walk, Daddy? Then, you have to take Mommy potty."
  • We were going to give money to the Salvation Army bell ringers on the way out of town, and Aolani asked, "Daddy, are you going to pay the Romans?"
  • Micaiah: When asking him an Is it question and he wants to answer negatively, he'll say Not is instead of Is not... Not is raining, Not is blue, Not is wet, Not is closed...
  • Aolani touched Ricky's head one night and said, "Daddy, my bed is broken." Then, she took his hand and put the iPhone in it so he could use it to see :)
  • Micaiah: "Him singing it, not you." <telling Daddy when Daddy sings along with the radio in the car> 
They so enjoyed their candlelight bath ;)
all the animals have come to worship Him
with their friend, Ellie Jo
with our Romanian friends
Our friends took an old dryer drum, painted it, and put it in their front yard (with drumsticks) for anyone passing by to play -- "community drum!" Brilliant idea :)
  • It was nice to get away for two whole weeks, and the kids loved it! I slept in some, two birthday parties (Micaiah and Jesus), tons of cousin play, finished up our Advent activities, gift-giving, game nights, visited with friends, went to Myrtle Beach, saw a Christmas light/music show, church, movies, chiropractor, Children's Museum, and...
  • We started a new tradition for New Year's Eve for our family where we watched all of our family videos (the ones I post here and on YouTube) from the past year (2014). And then, we prayed over 2014 and 2015 :) We just loved this and are looking forward to it again already!
  • Aolani told Daddy, "Grandma eats while she cooks, like this..." :)
  • We don't do Santa and often tell our kids that Santa is not real. So, there was a digital moving picture of Santa in this shed at the light show, and Micaiah belts out, "Santa IS real. I saw him!" And then, Aolani said, "Someone needs to let him out; he's stuck in there." It was hilarious!
  • My parents got Ricky some new slacks for work that are actually his size (woohoo!), and Aolani excitedly tells Daddy, "You can wear those to court and the judge will be happy that you got new pants and they'll say how did you get those and you could say I got them for Christmas."

"Look, Mommy! Sarah's swinging!"
  • School verse: Exodus 20:15 You must not steal.
  • I am going to begin the year by memorizing Psalm 16. I'll start with just one verse this weekend: Psalm 16:1 ~ Keep me safe, my God, for in you I take refuge.