Sunday, October 5, 2014

One-Year on Symptometry {Anniversary}

I have some more notes/thoughts to share about Symptometry:
  • I am in a place of healing. If I were to have taken prescription drugs for all of the symptoms that I have been cured of... well, that would have been over 20 meds! [And that's assuming just one drug per symptom.] But, I know full-well that drugs would not have cured anything but would have just alleviated the symptom. Not only are particulates safe, natural, and way cheaper, they actually remove the root cause of the symptom so it no longer occurs! Mind-blowing!
  • I wholeheartedly believe coconut oil "ruined my life." I know, I know, that is the exact opposite of what EVERYONE says, and I sound like a loon. I, too, used to swear by coconut oil. About two years ago (summer '12), we started oil-pulling with coconut oil (in addition to using it in every way possible). And, lo and behold, my health deteriorated fast last year. Faster than ever before. I kept wondering what was going on with me! All these new symptoms and problems just kept popping up, even a miscarriage. So, don't believe the lie and just say no.
  • I am on a 2-5 year tract to full healing. Yep, that's a long time. It has been a year since we began the diet part (11 months on particulates). Am I discouraged by the long wait? Well, first and foremost, if this is the path God has led us to walk on, then by all means, this is the path I want to be on. Second though, seriously, I have nowhere else to go. I have nothing else to do. Five years will pass no matter what. And in five years, I will either be healed or more degenerated. That's not really a tempting option to me!
  • Why such a long time? Well, most people would be on a 3-6 month tract to healing. But, not I. Diseased genes are really tough to heal -- doable but hard (takes a long time and a lot of patience). Also, the nerves are the toughest part of the body to heal because they are so sensitive. So, not only do I have a disease, but it has to be a nerve disease! Actually, an incurable (translation = impossible), genetic (chromosomal diseases are "300 times deeper" than normal health problems) one at that (which means a long-term miracle versus the instantaneous kind)!
  • Most of my healing over the past year has been internal, which is not surprising at all! I think most people want to see me just get up and start walking :) But, it makes complete sense that my healing must begin inside before working its way to the outside. Inside, out.
  • People ask about the health of my Romanian friend, and, yes, she keeps improving :) We have gotten to visibly see her movements and strength returning over the past year (doing things she could not do when we first met), which is exciting! Just a few weeks ago, she started walking some with help -- YAY!
  • My mom recently compiled a list of all her health improvements from just eating scientifically and now taking particulates for the past three months -- 15 improvements in total! It is neat for me to have seen her deal with these for years and years... and now no more! [Email me if you want to know more.] She told me, "I think of how I went year after year following Mercola, doing coconut oil everything, lots of raw food, whey protein, and many supplements, just hoping that I was on the right path and that my health issues would eventually improve. But that path never resulted in ANY improvements! Very frustrating! Orthopedic problems just got worse. Only after surgeries did wrists and knee get better. And then came Symptometry and I have been utterly amazed at my health improvements...I am a believer! And I thank God that He has brought Symptometry into our lives." 
  • I have often thought about how after I'm healed, people will be skeptical when I tell them that God healed me according to His promise and plan. "I mean, hey, didn't Symptometry heal you?" Well, without His promise to me and other Spirit-nudgings, I certainly would not have followed His leading upon learning of Symptometry. [Do you know how often people have come up to me to tell me of this program or that new method to try and help me physically -- to no avail?] The particulates which remove blockages and repair damaged cells, are, like I said, all natural -- from nature. Meaning, God created all the "ingredients". And, I believe, God gives all knowledge! He is the Source for what goes in them and how to put them together. Why did God choose to reveal this to Dr. Nartey? Why doesn't God just heal me instantaneously and not leave any room for doubt as to who or what healed me? Why do I get to be the first person healed of Friedreich's Ataxia? There are too many questions that I do not know the answers toI do know that He gets all the credit and deserves all glory!