Sunday, October 19, 2014

Marriage Leads -- Part 2

After I wrote part 1, I thought about it some more and panning out to the bigger picture.

It seems that there are three more common responses that spouses, especially wives, can have in response to the sin of your spouse.

  1. Divorce -- which is now the most common, unfortunately
  2. What's next? -- maybe we need a dog, house, kid, new job, new city, new house, another kid, stuff, vacation, more, more, more... What else do we 'need'? Now what? What's next?
  3. Bitterness -- whether you show your anger or keep it in, hurt is at the core. Most of us nurse our wounds (which plants the bitter seed) instead of automatically telling God about our pain and seeking forgiveness right away (which reaps peace).
  4. To Christ -- let's go to the Perfect Companion!
I, personally, am working on forsaking the typical bitterness reaction and learning to go to Jesus first. I have read, and found to be true so far, that the longer you react negatively, the more automatic that response is going to be for you. This is why the longer people are married, the harder it is to change the cycle. I can see where the bitter road leads, and I do not want it! I want to change this response now before it gets harder (because there are days when it already feels too hard!). I want the forgiveness and thankfulness road that leads to peace and joy in my marriage! 
being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience ~ Colossians 1:11
Come, Holy Spirit!

{Part 2}