Sunday, June 15, 2014

Eating Scientifically

This is not really a prayer or pondering; it is more of an explanation.

E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e asks me about our new "Symptometry-diet". Symptometry calls it eating scientifically because it is based on years of study in a food science lab and fully considers all of the scientific composition of food, not just the nutritional part of food as natural health does.

I am not going into any details, but here are the two foundations per se that I tell people that lay the groundwork:

  1. Food contains vitamins and minerals, which is all we ever hear about. This is called the upside of nutrition. What we never hear about are all the health disruptors found in those same foods (i.e., spinach contains high amounts of oxalic acid). Symptometry calls this the downside of nutrition. However, applying heat for certain lengths of time (cooking) can destroy the health disruptors in certain foods but not all foods. This why we stick to a general (but not thorough) list of "the 45 foods" that are safest for human consumption. [Excluding the six fruits I regularly eat, I have not had a single raw food in ten months!]
  2. Humans have a set number of enzymes everyday. Every food and health disruptor requires a certain number of enzymes to break it down. I had learned that one reason we need to eat raw veggies is to receive their enzymes so that we can use them (and heat destroys their enzymes). However, humans can only use human enzyme and not plant enzymes -- pooey. So, a big thing to keep in the forefront of your mind each day is to eat in order to build an enzyme surplus for that day. So, we also want to consume foods that require a low number of enzymes to break it down. Another reason why we stick to "the 45 foods" list.

We were totally into natural health (more so than anyone we personally knew -- limit grains, coconut oil, green smoothies, flaxseed, nuts, seeds, avoid sugar, brown rice, raw everything... those people), so this was completely mind-blowing to us, which is why it took us a month of talking about it to each other to come to terms with trying it. [It was just so crazy-sounding and paradigm-shifting to us, unlike anything we had ever heard before.]

Symptometry does not like chemicals or drugs or processed foods (much), which is why Symptometry is neither allopathic or alternative. It is based upon science (discoveries made by gas spectroscopy, gas chromatography, and liquid chromatography) and stands alone.

Side note: If you had asked me a year ago, "What would happen to you if you went without eating a single raw veggie and ate lots of white flour for a whole year?" Oh my. I would have thought that I'd have a lot of acne, gained a lot weight, have zero energy, feel horrible, and definitely have had my disease progress. But after eating this way for 10 months, I am sleeping better, more energetic, and getting better! Now, that is truly mind-blowing to me!

I must add that eating scientifically does not make you well or cure any diseases. And, it is kind of like an all or nothing deal. Symptometry makes it perfectly clear that you must ionize existing blockages (through particulates) to fully heal; if you ionize without eating scientifically, then you will either heal slowly or not completely. Also, you will quickly lose your healing if you do not maintain it through eating scientifically (diet). [I ate this way for a month before beginning particulates, and my mouth ulcers and acid reflux went away instantly, but that's minor compared to a nerve disease and those corresponding issues.]

For more information about health disruptors in food, see Downside of Nutrition by Dr. Maxwell Nartey. For more information about which foods to eat, see What to Consume by Dr. Maxwell Nartey.