Saturday, May 17, 2014

Giving Gifts

Four things to share:
  1. A page: I've been meaning to add a page about healthcare to this blog for a few years now, and I finally did it.
  2. A post: About John Wesley. And money. I continually need to hear this to keep me focused and intentional. Excerpt: "The Christian community should be filled with people who set a cap on their lifestyles, giving away everything above that amount. We need to draw a line and stop accumulating beyond it. Give away everything else. That isn’t even sacrificial giving, it’s just giving according to our ability. Simple as it is, the models are so few and far between that people don’t even conceive of how it could work." keep reading...
  3. A quote: I needed to hear these words today"You don’t overcome your brokenness to have God’s love. It’s God’s love that has you overcoming your brokenness." ~ Ann Voskamp
  4. A reminder: You can get Voice of the Martyrs' monthly newsletter for free AND Richard Wurmbrand's book, Tortured for Christ, for free (one of our favorite books, a short read). The newsletter is so encouraging, and they do not send mass mailings asking for money (just FYI). You can sign-up here.