Saturday, May 31, 2014

An Epic Trio

  • This is late. This week... well, you'll see. I have a ton of pictures to post -- too many. So, I created a slideshow for each of the three big events I want to document. Each event deserves its own post, but I'm way short on time and creating these slideshows took every spare minute I had this week.
  • First, Aolani went to my parents' house before going with them and my brother's family to Myrtle Beach. To say Aolani enjoyed time with her cousins is an understatement. She continues to tell me just how funny she and Kylie are ;)
  • Last week, we were on vacation with Ricky's family (slideshow below). His parents rented a lovely, beach house in Holden Beach for a week. The kids loved the ocean; I mean, lying in the sand, so that the waves could roll over them! They so enjoy time with Uncle Robby; he is fun, hands-on, interactive, pleasant, energetic, and great with his niblings! We hardly ate out (because of my new diet); Ricky's mom prepared most of the meals at her house beforehand and froze them to take with us in order to avoid cooking a lot on vacation -- so grateful. Ricky and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary while there. We ate out (this night) at the same place we had our wedding reception seven years ago! We played chess over dinner :), recited our vows to each other, looked at our wedding album... it was nice and quiet (childfree). Besides that, I read on the deck a lot while all played in the sand or water (I like to look at the beach, but that's about it). I did get in the water once just to say that I did it. The house did have a small pool out front that we all enjoyed. There were several (board) game nights. Aolani barfed in her sand pail twice on the way home (after eating out for lunch and dinner). Other than all that I've remembered to mention, the kids did have several cute quotes on the trip: 
    • "What? You're kidding me?" - Aolani / "Dry pants, hallelujah!" - Micaiah / "I'm tired of sleeping." - Aolani / "Pee-pee now!" - Micaiah / "Tuesday is cute when she's old." - Aolani / "Y-O-G-U-R-T." - Rob, "What?" - Nonna, "Yogurt." - Micaiah / "Mamma mia, pazza pia, il il il il la." / "We're going to watch a movie!" - Nonna, "Which movie?" - Aolani, "It's a surprise." - Nonna, "I haven't seen that one before." - Aolani / "You're scaring my eyes." - Aolani

  • On Memorial Day (sans all visitors), Micaiah had a freak accident. He was simply climbing out of the new kiddie pool, stumbled, and fell over on the grass. We didn't know what was wrong, just that he couldn't stand and was in pain. We called the doctor, hoping it was a sprain. Ricky took a sick day the next day and took Micaiah to get an x-ray. Broken femur. Late Tuesday night at the hospital, he had some anesthesia while they put a spica (chest-to-toe) cast on him. 4-6 weeks. I have no idea what he is thinking about the whole cast thing -- if it's a joke or permanent? He is obviously back in diapers (so much for a potty-training update), which is its own story. I'll have to cover details next week... just think traumatic and difficult. However, we are thankful that most of the time Micaiah is in good spirits -- he is a trooper!

  • Verse to memorize this week(end): 1 John 4:4 ~ You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.