Since 2011, we have opted out of health insurance.

Why? We learned that our monthly premiums could be funding someone else's poor choices that we do not want to support, including the morning-after pill and birth control. Also, we strongly believe that the Church (our brothers and sisters, not an organization) should be meeting one another's needs.

I had been praying about this for years beforehand. And, finally, I found what we were looking for in Samaritan Ministries, a Christian health care program. They are nonprofit and exist just to share needs and connect the Body. When I got their information packet in the mail and started reading through the materials, I cried the whole time! Galatians 6:2 in action!

We have had many needs shared so far (an ER visit, maternity, miscarriage, Micaiah's broken leg...), and we received every penny!

Click here for their website, and go to "How It Works" for questions or more information.

There are many great videos they share here :)

We are so thankful for this ministry and cannot speak more highly of it!