Sunday, February 24, 2013

Life Is Hard

A thought.

That helps me. [Quite a lot, surprisingly.]

When something frustratingly and annoyingly small happens. Like me dropping the pitcher of water or an open bag of rice or a pile of folded laundry or every single thing I touch.

Life is hard. If life is hard, then I should expect every thing to be hard, to not go my way or be easy. And, if something goes smoothly, well, then that is the fluke.

So now, every time I spill or drop something, I can shrug my shoulders and think Why, of course! Life is hard. This is expected. And, I just exhale and pick it up and keep going. Without getting all flabbergasted or huffy and puffy because I expect nothing to be easy.

Sorry, this is not a deep or spiritual thought, just a helpful pondering ;)