Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin', Keep Those Parents Goin'

  • Another crazy weekend. Ricky's parents came down to help us balance life ;) Ricky's dad rode with him down to Atlanta for more court reporter testing, while Ricky's mom stayed with me to help take care of me and the kiddos. Ricky feels unsure of the testing results. Micaiah chose to wake up three times that night to keep Ricky's mom on her toes. Aolani had an absolute blast with all the new clothes and play. And, I got to sleep in, twice. We are anticipating a weekend of no plans.
  • In case you didn't know, Ricky and I are opposites. Black and white. [At least personality-wise.] Ricky always says that I have converted him from his ways to my ways. And I laugh. Because it's not true. Anyway, we finished filing our taxes a few days before they were due this week. [So, we have been busy!] If it were done according to me, taxes would have been completed two months ago. Before we were married, Ricky turned his taxes in hours before the deadline. Yep. Now, who has converted to whom??
  • Since our dryer stopped working before Micaiah was born last December, I have been hanging our clothes to dry -- every day. {Secretly, I enjoy this, but with the many demands of my toddler and baby -- well, my time is limited.} Long story short, my mom hassled the company and got me a brand new dryer at no charge! It's still sitting in its box in our main room waiting to be installed, but wow :)
  • We went to the dentist last week, and we managed a job, wheelchair, nursing baby, and a toddler by: going late afternoon (after nap time), choosing a time when court was not in session, taking Aolani to a friend's house to play with other kids, nursing the baby in the car (parking lot) while Ricky got his teethed cleaned, and then Ricky wore Micaiah in the Ergocarrier while my teeth were cleaned. Success!
  • Micaiah has begun to wake up twice during the night. He started this practice the night of his four-month birthday. I chalk it up to a growth spurt and a little belly. I could not decide which of the following two pictures to post (I just love his birthmark and his illuminating smile!):
Micaiah is teething (drooling a ton, drenching every outfit in no time, and chewing his hands constantly)
  • Aolani's antics: loves to say pray, lives in her new rain boots because she can pull them on herself, and squints (closes her eyes really tight) every time you ask her to smile...
  • In the first picture of her reading to her best friend, teddy bear "Gunny", she is reading a Point-n-Play Interactive book series with Elmo (a gift from paternal great-grandparents). Aolani loves these books! In the picture below, she is listening to Ricky's family read the book to her via a recording. She loves Hallmark's recordable books, too!
  • Okay. Basically, I want only one thing for my children -- to love and know Jesus intimately and fully. However, there are two minor (comparatively) things that I wish to pass on to my kids: to drink water (and enjoy it) and desire to read (consume, devour) books. So far so good. Aolani craves water. She has never had juice or cow's milk (just Mama's milk still); I do not want to introduce the concept of sugar in a drink, yet. This helps a lot, I know. As for books -- not having a television helps, I'm sure -- we surround her with many different kinds of books and her own bookshelf. Yet, she still rips pages, but I don't want books to be forbidden to her in any way. Solution? Maybe. I ordered a lot of 60 thin, Scholastic books for $28 off of Ebay. I put a fourth of them in a basket at her disposal. This way, she gets a bunch of new books to "read" and if she tears a book up (like she did today), then it is okay by me. No worries and no tape! Just oh well by me and enjoyment by her ;)
  • Still need to work on last week's memory verse: Romans 15:5 ~ May God, who gives this patience and encouragement, help you live in complete harmony with each other, as is fitting for followers of Christ Jesus.