Monday, April 2, 2012


  • Over the weekend Ricky's parents (and dog, Tuesday) came for a visit and stayed with us in our little home for the first time -- yay! This allowed us to sleep in (while the grandparents entertained the kids after they woke and nursed) and go out on a date after putting the kids down to sleep for the night. We enjoyed milkshakes and going to the movie theater (we saw Act of Valor -- I think I cried too much). Aolani went on her first egg hunt in our backyard ;) I put dark chocolate-covered raisins in half of the eggs. She would find one, pick it up, shake it, and either open it or announce No!

Egg-shaped, pastel-colored, too-cute sidewalk chalk

  • I just adore this 3-4 month stage -- so content, interactive, alert, "talking", laughing, roly-poly squishy butterballness :)

  • While I nursed Aolani when she was a baby, I was able to devour books (like two a week)! As I nurse Micaiah, I still try to read some (I finish one book in 2-3 weeks), but most of my time is spent watching and talking with Aolani. I quote Bible verses during one feeding and try to sing during another session.
  • When I need to rock the baby, I either swivel the chair from left to right or glide the chair forward and backward, just like I am a swing :)
  • When Aolani needs a time-out, I tell her first. Then, I grasp her wrists and hold her still standing beside my chair for two minutes. Sometimes I have to: chase her down and trap her first and/or hold her arms far apart so that she does not bite my hands. No toys or talking. I always tell her what she did wrong, why it is bad behavior, give her time progress, and when it is over, I tell her again what the wrong was before kissing her and affirming her of my unconditional love. I probably need to start adding in here what I would rather her do or what good she should have done instead [like kissing versus biting or jumping when frustrated versus hitting].
  • Aolani and I read "special" books together during Micaiah's morning naps, and she is so eager for this time every day! By special, I mean books with thin, paper pages that she rips when unsupervised. This week alone, I have cried through two of them!
  • Aolani has begun to put words together trying to make sentences :) Also, she put her shoes on by herself for the first time yesterday!

  • Verse to memorize this week: Romans 14:8 ~ If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.