Sunday, April 22, 2012

Make Your Prayers Global

This post might be a touch premature as we are in the process of trying to make our prayers more global, but oh well. In a desire to encourage others to evangelize through prayer (especially remembering to pray for the world), I want to share a couple ideas.
  1. Prayer Station: We have a map of the world hanging in our main room to remind ourselves to pray international prayers and remember just how itty-bitty we are (lest we start focusing on our personal 'world' and forget others). Also, we hope to get the kids familiar with the world at large, all the countries, our location, and overall geography. Under the world map, we have a few "prayer pillows" for anyone to rest on or kneel on while praying. The "prayer pillows" were made by the locals in other countries (got them here).
  2. Prayer Pail: I got this idea here. I just finished putting my pail together. Basically, you write different needs (family, neighbors, leaders, church, organizations, missionaries, countries, Persecuted Church...) on jumbo Popsicle sticks (I used markers). After dinner is over, every person grabs a stick a says a short, little prayer for that need. When Aolani gets more verbal, we will have her repeat our prayer for the need she drew until she can pray without our help.