Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Please Daddy

One day back in college, I was looking into the bathroom mirror of my apartment and randomly asked myself, "Do I please God?"

Automatic response: No.

I was appalled. I must really think that. I didn't even hesitate with my answer. I knew that was not the right reply, but still I must feel that way deep in my heart. I quickly realized that there must be a problem. I mean, what girl doesn't want to please her Daddy?

As I sought out help to this dilemma (and became more disappointed with what advice I was hearing), God suddenly broke through to me one day with a visual. Hallelujah! Here's my visual, which I'll explain. {I know this is very simplistic, but I tend to complicate His simple truth and need(ed) His simple reminder and grace and tenderness.}

When I first discovered the treasure of faith in Jesus (i.e., salvation), I was beyond glee. I was head over heels in love with Jesus, AND HE FELT THE SAME WAY TOWARDS ME! Contentment hardly describes my feelings. I wanted to please the Father ("A"), and I DID. Just by believing ("B") in His Son. Well, all those things in the "C" column started happening, naturally. "C" is the outflow of faith. Anyway, I guess somewhere along this journey of following Jesus, I got wrapped up in "C." Going here, doing this, and saying that... And somehow, without even realizing it, "C" replaced "B" and became the focus. I pleased God by doing "C." Basically, I was spending my time and effort on producing, striving, and doing versus the knowing, loving, and being He actually requires. Satan just yearns to get our eyes off of faith in Jesus and on works!

Now, I am in no way bashing any of the very good things in the "C" column. It is just that doing those things do not earn the pleasure of our LORD. Only faith ("B") pleases Him. Repeat: Only faith pleases God. All those results ("C") will happen because of faith. "C" will flow out from within if you have your heart and mind set on Him.

"And without faith it is impossible to please God," ~ Hebrews 11:6