Monday, July 19, 2010


And this is Mommy's nickname for Aolani! It's probably pretty obvious that we love chocolate, especially the dark, organic kind :)

Here's a few random (and not-too-important) 5-month comments:
  1. Continues to workout her windpipes, making some very interesting noises -- like her cheerful "I'm being ripped apart" screams and "fart" sounds (she is so loud now that you can't hear me when I speak at the same time)
  2. Cries when you take away the toy she is playing with
  3. Keeps trying to sit up on her own and is almost halfway there
  4. Grabs her feet to rock and play, but I don't think she realizes what they are or knows that they belong to her
  5. Her hair is starting to grow -- however, the progress isn't noticeable to anyone except her mommy
  6. Favorite toys: my water bottle, paper, burp cloth and wristwatch (seriously, toys are so overrated! Babies do not need noisy, plastic things to "grow" and "develop." All they need are parents to interact with them! Go spend time with your family!)
  7. Aolani has not gotten sick in any way since her birth!! I am sure nursing is key, but I also take plenty of high-quality probiotics everyday to optimize our immune systems.
  8. Stats: Not positive, but I know she is more than double her birth weight (~15 lbs)!

And, here's Aolani sportin' her durag (and a peace sign):

p.s. My left foot is almost all better! It is practically straight again, and I even stood flat-footed on it. Praise God for healing my foot!