Monday, July 12, 2010

Choco-Cherry Love

Although that happens to be Ricky's favorite DQ blizzard, it has also become Aolani's nickname. Seriously, I can't decide if she is the most beautiful baby there ever was or the happiest baby there ever was... wait. I don't have to decide. I'm the Mommy. She's BOTH!

Aolani is either smiling or laughing [almost] ALL THE TIME (around us anyways; she's a little shy around others)! Here's a glimpse of her this past weekend.

She sleeps, too ;)
"They" say that there are several ways to decrease the chance of a baby getting colic -- breastfeeding, wearing your baby via baby-carrier, co-sleeping, skin-on-skin contact -- and so we do/did them all. I guess something worked?!
Here is a good, short video of her laughing (for hearing not really seeing):