Thursday, July 22, 2010

You Would Think There's A Monster...

... or maybe I look like one ;)

You might think something is wrong as it sounds like she is in a great deal of pain, but Aolani often smiles while she does this.

  • Babies. Paper. Don't mix. I had to veto the playing with paper today. Gave her some. She chewed. Got too wet. Tore off chunk in her mouth. Mommy started to freak. Rammed my fingers in her mouth to save the day. Screams. Tears. Trauma. Yeah, don't mix.
  • We have tried to play peek-a-boo often before, and she never really caught on. Until this week. LOVES it.
  • Yesterday morning, Ricky discovered Aolani propped up on her arms. On her belly. Apparently, she can now roll over from her back to her belly. I have yet to witness it happening :(

I just like her expression here.