Friday, October 2, 2009


Sorry there has not been any posts this week. I (Aidan) have been sick for two weeks now, and it's still going! I did go to the doctor last Friday, and she said that pregnant women have a much weaker immune system and told me what medicine I could take. I hate medicine but have been so miserable that I caved.

My first two weeks at home alone have not gone as I thought, you know, all the balloons and music associated with parties :) Instead, it's been a compilation of snotty tissues, droopy eyelids, pounding headaches, hearing impairment, the sweats (from a persistent low-grade fever)... not fun.

I feel like I am in a Catch-22. My body is having a hard time shaking this because I am not getting the sleep I need for a strong immune system. I cannot get adequate sleep at night from the insomnia. Basically, we're just waiting and praying. The doctor did take a mini-ultrasound last week to make sure Aolani was doing well. She was great -- active in the womb and doing her baby thing. Completely oblivious to Mommy's suffering, which is good. Please pray that she would be unaffected by the medicine I'm taking.

I'll update as soon as I recoup.