Saturday, October 10, 2009


There is someone whom I want you to meet. I owe a lot to her, and I consider her to be like my mentor.

Her name is Shannon Klann. She is 36, married, has 3 kids, lives in Michigan, and has Friedreich's Ataxia! Imagine my further surprise when I found out that she loves Jesus, too!!

She is the first person I ever talked to that also has FA. God truly ordained our meeting (via Internet) back in April. The right person at the right time. I was pretty giddy the first few times I contacted her. I felt excited, nervous and a little scared that I was dreaming.

Shannon stays at home by herself during the day while her husband works. Also, she took care of all three of her children by herself during the day, until they reached school-age. I knew she could teach me A LOT, and I was and am eager to learn her secrets.

Every time I have a question or concern, I e-mail her for help and guidance and quickly receive it! She is a gem. This happens very frequently as I am new to independence and have much to learn.

I am so grateful to the LORD for providing Shannon! And Shannon, YOU ARE A GOD-SEND, a much-needed help in a time of need.

Shannon maintains her own website (and blog) to help people like me, mothers in wheelchairs. If you know of someone who is in the same boat, tell them to check it out!