Friday, October 9, 2009

The Current Events of 21 Weeks

It's been three weeks, and I'm still sick. Basically, I had a cold (that my hubby brought home to me) that was treated too late and turned into a sinus infection, which I've never had as I do not have allergies. Anyway, I had to go to another doctor about it and start an antibiotic, which led to some side effects. Treating the side effects in turn leads to more side effects. I know -- it seems never-ending.

Doctors' appointments and updates:
  • Cardiologist: I've had two visits to check the status of my heart. It looks good, so I can attempt a vaginal birth.
  • High-risk OB/GYN: Aolani is doing perfectly; you can see some pictures of her face below. She is 21 weeks, 13 ounces, and about the size of a small cantaloupe (although I look like I swallowed a basketball).
  • Pulmonologist: I visit him next week to get a baseline on the function of my lungs and breathing capacity (for labor).
  • General doc: I'll see him to check the status of my sickness next week and possibly get approval to return to work. This will be the third doctor I'll see about this sickness!
Good news: Aolani is wonderfully healthy and pain-free. I think I'm getting better slowly (that might change depending on the day and what time it is).
Great news: We have a loving God, a compassionate Savior, a Comforter, and an eternal HOPE!
What you're really waiting for:
(tilt head 90 degrees to the left)
It's just her head (not body) complete with eyebrows, eye sockets and lids, nose, lips...
Ricky thinks she has my chin -- ha!