Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Ideas

I thought I would post some of my baby ideas in case you like them and want to implement them :)

Back in the first trimester, I decided that I wanted to keep a prayer journal for Aolani. It's a little book with 40 pages, one for each week of the pregnancy. Each week I jot down a thought, a verse and a prayer for her. It's not a baby book. When she is old enough to appreciate it, we can give it to her as a special gift (like for a rite of passage). This way she can read about what we were praying for regarding her while she was in the womb.

During my nap the other day, I re-wrote a lullaby to sing to her. It's meant to be sung to the rhythm of "Hush Little Baby":

Hush Aolani, don't say a word,

Mama's gonna teach you about God's Word.

You'll learn to apply it everyday,

And it will help you in every way.

Read your Bible and you will see,

Just how powerful it can be.
So, you're probably somewhat amused. You'd be really amused if I listened to Ricky, who wanted to post an audio clip of me singing it. What good would your imagination be then?